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When we think about studying abroad, thousands of questions strike our mind. Of a particular country, we become curious to know about its environment, culture, traditional, food, expenses, lifestyle, and most of it the quality of life. According to the declaration of  Canada has the highest quality of life if compared to the rest of the countries. It is country attracting many tourists. Striking beauty of countryside is fledged with number of recreation activities, on the other hand museums, clubs and night life adds to its attractiveness. 
If we talk about the educational system, graduating from Canadian University already heads you towards prosperity as its degree is recognizes worldwide. Every university has its own style and pattern for all the levels of education.  At every level, a student is offered with wide range of streams and subjects. Variety of campus in either urban cities or towns is designed in their own different way. Campuses are student friendly and cooperative. They are at the vanguard of the technological revolution and ensure that they are well equipped to walk parallel to modern generation.  

Why Study 4 You?

In different regions of Canada different educational system is followed having its own significance in every province, however carrying uniform standards. Canada is the owner of wide diversities having people from multiple religion and culture, making itself a suitable place for students from across the globe. Education is considered as the best way to earn decent living and to enhance growth. Thus, Canadian Universities offer wide range of courses for the students in the best possible way to not only educate them but also to enhance their overall personality. 

Visa Information Canada

For Student Visa of Canada a candidate needs to submit visa form, IELTS result, academic documents, work experience letter, passport. They should have bank proof meeting the requirements according to the course and living area/city preferred and the duration of program as mandatory. 

Tuition Fee and scholarship Canada

For Higher studies in Canada each university has its own fees structure. It is estimated that an international student needs CDN $11,000 to CDN $15,000. But on an average fee of different universities varies from CDN $15,000 to CDN$ 19,000 whereas for colleges it varies from CDN $9,000 to CDN $12,000. Scholarships for international newcomer is also available which is based on the criteria including community involvement, sports quota, reference from employer, higher authorities or in case of financial need. It can be provided as remission of full fees or partial. Partial scholarship usually ranges from CDN$2000 to CDN$5000. One can check with the Ministry of Education (or similar agency) in your home country for international scholarship opportunities.

Living cost and work permit

Cost of living in Canada is around CDN $ 10200 . Being an international student has the permission to work part time in Canada. You can work up to 20 hours a week while you are a student. However, without commencing the course one cannot do so. During holidays, a student is allowed to work for full time.